Interested in edibles but don't like sugar? Looking for perfect control over your dose? Squish Extracts has got you covered with their gel capsules. Using the same high-quality, 100% natural and solvent-free cannabis rosin that makes their edibles famous, Squish Extracts has a found another way to consume cannabis. Their gel capsules contain a perfect dose of edible cannabis rosin, just like their edibles, but with nothing else tagging along -- no sugar, animal products, or flavorings -- just pure cannabis extract. Their gel capsules are easy to take and allow for full control over dosage. 

Each capsule contains 0.6 ml of organic virgin coconut oil infused with 25mg of premium decarboxylated rosin. Each bag contains eight (8) gel capsules (200 mg total per bag).  Each gel capsules contains 25 mg of THC with each pack containing 8 capsules (200mg). 

Use with caution -- edibles take a while to kick. Take a little bit and wait at least an hour before taking more. 

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