• Blue Treat
Blue Treat is the tasty result of crossing Blueberry and Dutch Treat, two of the sweetest tasting strains out there. This indica-dominant hybrid is a joy to smoke. The light smoke is dense with flavor and provides a soothing high. At first, the buzz provides strong feelings of euphoria before settling into an intense body high. Blue Treat is a great strain for those suffering from chronic pain and/or anxiety.


The buzz starts with a mellow mental high, washing over the mind with euphoric waves. After a couple minutes, the body high starts to set in with deep feelings of relaxation. The high takes a little while to fully settle in, but it lasts longer than most. The burnout is noticeable, bringing with it a dreamy quality to the high, but won’t leave you dead on your feet.

Blue Treat is an excellent medicinal choice for those suffering from chronic pain, insomnia and high levels of anxiety and stress. The mental and physical duality to the high is effective at managing pain while also easing mental tension, which often accompanies physical pain. Combined with the light smoke and tasty flavor, the medicinal properties are easy to access.

Taste and Smell

Right from first glance, you can tell you’re in for a treat with this strain. The light green buds are dense and covered in trichomes. The crystal coverage on this strain is so intense that it gives the bud an almost blue appearance, hence the name Blue Treat. With a clean, sweet smell, Blue Treat stands out from other indicas which usually have a dank, skunky smell.

Each inhale reveals a clean, sweet, and fruity flavor that isn’t common in indicas. On the exhale, the depth of flavor is further revealed with shades of vanilla, blueberry, and apricot coming through. The tasty, complicated flavor of Blue Treat is a hallmark of this strain and will please new smokers and veterans alike. This is easily one of the tastiest indicas out there.


  • Super tasty and easy to smoke
  • Mellow, relaxing buzz
  • Strong medicinal properties


  • Can cause strong fatigue

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