• Billy Crystal
Billy Crystal is a rare strain that’s difficult to grow, but a joy to smoke. By crossing Crystal with the elusive Billy the Kid, our growers have created something special. With a genetic lineage split evenly across indica and sativa, this is a true hybrid. Billy the Kid is notoriously dank and pungent, providing an intense high. Crystal is a light a strain with a clean, smell and taste, but a mid-grade high. By combining these two strains, Billy the Crystal is easy to smoke but provides an intense buzz. The balance between the genes and the strong buzz make this an ideal strain for helping with various medical conditions.


The high starts right away as the effects can be felt with just a couple tokes. At first, the buzz starts in the head, lifting away sour moods and anxieties. Everything feels a little lighter and brighter as the high starts off. After a couple minutes, the high starts to seep throughout the body. Like a warm bath, the buzz mellows out soreness and heaviness in muscles, lowering the body into a deep feeling of relaxation. The mental and body high work together to create a deep state of euphoria and relaxation. While the burnout is moderate, the actual high is dreamy and intense. If you’re going to hang out with Billy Crystal, make sure that you don’t have anything too important to do.

The high THC and CBD content of Billy Crystal make it an excellent choice for medicinal users. Right away, Billy Crystal can help to push away depressive feelings as well as reduce chronic pain. Given that chronic pain can lead to depression, Billy Crystal is a perfect choice for those needing to address both. For those suffering from minor ailments, the potency of Billy Crystal might be too much. Be prepared for the high to be intense.

Taste and Smell

The name “Billy Crystal” is well deserved with this strain. The light green buds are dense and saturated in crystal. Right away, it’s clear that this strain is very potent. The smell of the bud reveals it’s hybrid lineage. At first, it smells very light and clean -- like a sativa -- with just a hint of citrus and grapefruit. But the clean smell quickly fades into a dank, skunky odour that’s a flagship of indicas.

Once it’s lit, Billy Crystal gets interesting. On inhale, the smoke is incredibly light and doesn’t have much flavor. On first impression, it seems easy to smoke, but that’s not quite the case. On exhale, the smoke feels much heavier. For even experienced smokers, be prepared to cough a little. The aftertaste on exhale is strong as the skunky, earthy flavor of the strain comes through. Overall, Billy Crystal is pretty light on flavor.


  • A real hybrid with the best aspects of both sativas and indicas
  • Clean, light smoke
  • Low burnout
  • Intense mental and physical buzz


  • The exhale can be a little rough
  • The high can be a bit intense -- not a good pick for new tokers
  • Very rare

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