• Blue King
Blue King is another step forward in the perfection of the famous Blueberry strain. By crossing Pink Kush -- also known as King Kush -- with Blueberry, our growers have created another top-shelf strain with Blue King. While the lineage of this strain comes from both sativas and indicas, it’s the sativa side of the family that really shines through. The buzz is energetic, focused, and lasts for a very long time. Tied with a low burnout and a great taste, Blue King is a choice pick for a daytime bud.


After a couple puffs, the buzz can be felt right away. Unlike other Blueberry variants, Blue King has a low body high but a strong mental buzz. It comes rolling through with a strong snap of focus, followed with waves of euphoria. At first, the buzz seems subtle, but it continues to build on itself for a long time after smoking. The cerebral buzz is potent, but because of the high builds, it never feels like too much. Despite lasting for a long time, the burnout after is very weak. After the high builds on itself, it just starts to vanish. It’s not the best for the end of the day, but for starting the day, Blue King really is king.

For medicinal purposes, Blue King finds its value in helping those with anxiety and depression. The euphoric quality to the strain is effective in managing feelings of anxiety and muting negative mental states. Tied together with its low burnout and well balanced high, Blue King can be effective in helping those struggling with mental ailments while not coming with a host of side effects.

Taste and Smell

The bud is light in colour and incredibly dense. While the leafs and orange hairs are very small and sparse, the tightly packed buds are drenched in crystal. The sheer volume of crystal on this strain gives it a very light appearance, making it stand out beside other strains. As the bud busts apart, its fragrant smell pours out. Keeping with its sativa lineage, the smell is light, fresh, and packed with a sweet fruity smell. Just smelling this bud is a joy to itself.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Blue King tastes great. On inhale, the smoke is light and fresh. The sweet, fruity flavor of blueberries comes through right away and is even strong on exhale. The aftertaste is noticeable, with earthy, skunky notes coming through.  All in all, Blue King is a tasty, light smoke that everyone can appreciate.


  • Tasty and easy to smoke
  • Cerebral, euphoric high
  • Long lasting buzz with little burnout


  • Low body high

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