• Dream Machine
A three-way cross between Afghani, Brazilian, and Indian strains, Dream Machine is a well-refined hybrid that makes for a pleasant smoke. While leaning heavier on its indica genes, Dream Machine’s sativa side comes through in all the right ways: a dash of energy and a clear buzz. On top of having a pleasant high, Dream Machine has a light, sweet tasting flavor.  With a heavy THC and CBD content, this strain is well known for its medicinal effects, helping to relieve various symptoms relating to stress.


Hitting right away, the buzz leaves a big impression. Starting with an instant mental high, Dream Machine causes things to be a little clearer, a bit brighter, before mellowing out. A few minutes after toking, a warm body high starts to soothe in, making everything feel just a little bit more comfortable. With a high THC content, the buzz likes to stick around a bit, leaving a lasting impression. Once it starts to burnout, a slight increase in lethargy occurs, but nothing too heavy or energy sucking. All in all, Dream Machine is well-balanced and perfect for any occasion.

Dream Machine is effective to help manage various physical and mental ailments. With its high CBD and THC content, it can do wonders to combat stress, insomnia, and manage pain. Where Dream Machine finds it real medicinal value is in balancing the numbing effects of indica with the clear, more focused sativa effects. In short, it can provide comfortable sensations without a heavy, deliberating burnout.

Taste and Smell

Dream Machine’s buds are dense, covered in crystal, and smell great. After busting it up, it lets off a fresh, sweet aroma with only a hint of that skunky smell. A nice citrus aroma comes through, letting you know how nice the smoke is going to be.

Dream Machine is, well, a real dream to smoke. On inhale, everything tastes light and fresh, while the exhale brings with it a sweet aftertaste. Despite being a hybrid with a strong indica high, the smell and taste is all sativa -- light, sweet, and easy to enjoy.


  • Light and sweet smell and taste
  • Potent cerebral and physical buzz
  • A well-balanced hybrid with strong effects but a minimal burnout


  • Can be very intense for new smokers

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