• King Louis XIII
King Louis XIII has a long, noble lineage, giving this strain its royal moniker. An indica-dominant hybrid, King Louis XIII originated in California where OG Kush was crossed with some heavyweight indicas. The royal nature of this strain can be seen at first glance -- dense nugs covered in crystals -- and comes packing a potent aroma. While King Louis XIII is an aromatic and beautiful strain, the real magic comes from the deep, therapeutic high that’s been refined after years of careful breeding.


King Louis XIII comes rolling in with all the traits that indicas are known for -- a dreamy, sleepy head high and a relaxing body high -- but really kicks up the level of the effects. Just a couple tokes will ease tense thoughts and lower bodies into a comfortable state. Known to consistently hit high THC levels, (23%+), this strain is known for its potency. While the buzz feels like a pleasant dream, the burnout is intense with lethargy. Great for an end of the day smoke, but a bit too sleepy for during the day.

Medicinally, King Louis XIII can work wonders for various mental and physical ailments. For those suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, or nausea, King Louis XIII is a perfect strain, providing pain relief and lulling patients into an easy sleep. For those suffering from high levels of anxiety, this stain can help to push away negative emotions by framing the world in a comfortable, more manageable lens.  

Taste and Smell

Right away, the smell of King Louis XIII will turn some heads; there’s nothing discrete about this strain. Packing a strong fragrance, King Louis XIII is rich in earthy tones with sharp notes of pine. Smelling like a hot-boxed forest, the smell of this strain is easy to enjoy and a good preview of how magical the high is.

Revealing its kush lineage, the smoke is thick and dense, which can cause some irritation. Like it’s aroma, King Louis XIII’s smoke is packed with flavor, most notably a strong, skunky, and earthy taste. On exhale, it finishes off with those sharp pine notes, leaving the palate with a clean aftertaste. It has a classic taste, but one that is richer and heavier than most other kush’s out there.


  • Beautiful buds and memorable aroma
  • High THC content
  • Intense high
  • Great for medicinal purposes


  • Very strong burnout
  • Smoke can be irritating
  • Severely lowers energy levels

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