• Fruity Pebbles
This powerful strain was originally bred by Alien Genetics -- renowned cannabis farmers-- and at the time, was a rare and elusive strain to get ahold of. Since then, the demand for Fruity Pebbles has shot through the roof and cemented this hybrid as one of the best cannabis strains out there. An indica-dominant hybrid, Fruity Pebbles comes packing a cerebral, trippy high and is backed with an incredible flavor. For medicinal purposes, it’s effective at combating insomnia, managing pain, and lowering feelings of anxiety. Whatever the occasion, a bowl of Fruity Pebbles is going to put a dreamy spin on it.


An even hybrid -- 55% indica and 45% sativa -- this is a balanced strain, but its mental effects are the most noticeable. The high has a slow burn, creeping on well after it’s been consumed, and builds into an intense high. Creating a strong introverted mental state, Fruity Pebbles allows thoughts to wander freely while the world shifts into comfortable shades of euphoria. While it’s not the best for social occasions, it’s guaranteed to turn a lazy-night-in into a meditative, relaxing experience.

For medicinal purposes, Fruity Pebbles is known for its deep body high and relaxing nature. The deep high makes this strain an effective choice in managing pain and insomnia, which often go hand in hand. Additionally, it’s reflective nature can help  to alleviate feelings of depression and control anxiety. However, because it is a potent strain, it should be used in small amounts at first.

Taste and Smell

Fruity Pebbles has a well-deserved name: the buds are a vibrant mix of colours with deep greens, bright oranges, and lush purples, while the aroma is pungent, sweet, and earthy. Inhaling the deep scent is an early indicator that this strain is something special.

The smoke, while being thick and full, is surprisingly light and full of flavor. Right away, the sweet taste of berries shines through and is finished off with a tropical, citrus-like after taste. Out of all the strains we’ve tried here at Sweetleaf YYC, nothing else quite tastes like Fruity Pebbles.

  • Intense mental high that’s sure to be memorable
  • Beautiful, vibrant buds
  • Amazing taste and smell that is really like a bowl of fruity pebbles


  • For new smokers, the mental effects may be too intense
  • Poor choice for social occasions

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