• Lemon Haze
With its beautiful appearance, amazing flavor, and vibrant high, Lemon Haze is a strain that every cannabis enthusiast should try. This sativa-dominant strain has beautiful buds with with a dense covering of hairs and crystal, giving it a light, eye-catching colour. Its name is well earned as Lemon Haze’s fragrance is rich with citrus tones, clean, and very sweet. Combined with a high that’s long lasting, clear, and full of energy, Lemon Haze is a modern classic and one of the best sativas available.


Being a pure sativa, Lemon Haze’s buzz is energetic and cerebral. Where it shines above the rest is in its clarity and strong feelings of euphoria. Unlike most other strains, Lemon Haze doesn’t make you feel groggy, but the exact opposite -- clear headed, confident, and awake. Combined with a dream-like euphoria, Lemon Haze can turn any bad mood around, making the world shine a bit brighter.

For medicinal users, Lemon Haze is ideal for combating depression, lethargy, and anxiety. The strong cerebral effects are perfect for switching thought patterns and seeing the world through a more positive lens. Due to its low body effects, Lemon Haze is not an effective strain for alleviating physical ailments.

Taste and Smell

Lemon Haze is drenched in trichomes and bright, orange hairs, giving this strain an intensely fresh appearance. While the smell is intense with tones of lemon peels and sugar, it isn’t skunky or dank. Instead, the aroma is very clean and indicative of its amazing taste. The smoke, despite being very light on inhale, is round and rich with taste. Initially, an intense lemon taste comes through, but on exhale, it mellows into a sugary, candylike flavor similar to lemonade. Not only is Lemon Haze is easy to smoke, it’s distinct taste is a treat in and of itself


  • Amazing taste and smell that is like lemonade
  • Long lasting, clear, and euphoric high
  • One of the best sativas available


  • Low physical effects

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