• Gorilla Dream
Gorilla Dream is a powerful hybrid that’s a cross between the indica-dominant Gorilla Glue #1 and the sativa-dominant Blue Dream. Both strains are powerhouses in their own right, winning multiple awards, but the combination of the two strains is, well, a pure dream. The trichome heavy buds come packing a potent high, but one that won’t leave you feeling groggy or muddy your thoughts. This easy-to-smoke strain tastes great, looks beautiful, and will send you to another world. It’s a great pick for veteran smokers who are looking for something powerful.


Gorilla Dream isn’t a fast hitter, the high taking its time to settle in. After consuming, a light, dreamy feeling floats in, but as the minutes pass by, the effects become more pronounced. After awhile, it becomes very apparent how potent Gorilla Dream is, but thanks to the slow timing of the effects, it never feels like too much, letting you ease into its dream instead of hitting you like a train. As the buzz carries on, the world feels brighter, thoughts more dream-like, and a deep feeling of relaxation and comfort soaks across the body. As the high settles down, it washes away without leaving feelings of lethargy, making Gorilla Dream a great pick for any time of day.

For medicinal purposes, Gorilla Dream is a good choice to help alleviate feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress. Additionally, the deep feelings of relaxation it causes are effective at managing chronic pain and nausea. These effects combined with a low burnout make this hybrid a strong option for various medicinal purposes.

Taste and Smell

This light coloured bud is covered in a webbing of fine, orange hairs and saturated with sticky, beautiful crystals, hinting at the potency of this hybrid. Taking from its Blue Dream lineage, the initial aroma of this strain is light and fruity, but pungent, earthy tones round out the fragrance to this bud, giving it a deep, complex smell profile.

Smoking Gorilla Dream is a great experience -- the smoke is light with an initial flavor of sweet blueberries before rounding out with a subtle, skunky taste; it’s easy to smoke and dense with tasty flavor. Potent strains that have light smoke and a fresh taste are a rarity, and that’s exactly what Gorilla Dream offers. 


  • Very potent
  • Light smoke with a sweet, clean flavor
  • Low burnout


  • Not good for alleviating insomnia or aiding in sleep
  • For those new to cannabis, Gorilla Dream can be too potent

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