• Krazy Glue
A combination between Gorilla Glue #4 -- a true modern classic -- and Silver Chemdog Haze, Krazy Glue further pushes the importance of hybrids in the modern cannabis scene. With a high THC level and a balanced buzz, Krazy Glue creates a potent high that avoids becoming lethargic, muddy, or disorienting. The balanced effects, rich flavor, and beautiful visual appearance of Krazy Glue cement this strain as a top choice in the world of hybrids.


The high doesn’t waste any time, making its effects felt right away. At the onset, feelings of lightness and energy come rushing on, lifting the mind and making the world shine with creativity. Following the initial shift in mental state, the body effects settle in a bit slower, filling muscles with comfort -- but the body effects are less pronounced than the changes in the mind. Overtime, the high is consistent, avoiding any peaks or valleys, and lingers out with a small, subtle burnout that won’t end your day. This is a great strain for those looking for a strong buzz but don’t want to be glued to the couch.

For medicinal purposes, Krazy Glue can be effective at managing stress, anxiety, and depression, but the effects can be very strong. For combating insomnia, nausea, and chronic pain, Krazy Glue can be effective, but isn’t the best suited strain for those ailments.

Taste and Smell

From just a quick look at Krazy Glue’s buds, it’s clear this strain has been carefully bred and designed -- the tightly woven leafs are saturated in trichomes while bright orange hairs are laced all throughout. Its aroma is rich, complex, and captivating, managing to incorporate the earthy, skunky smell of cannabis into a fragrance that’s light and pleasant.

After lighting Krazy Glue, the inhale is clean, light, and carried on a faintly sweet flavor. On the exhale, the tone and quality shifts to being heavier, dense with earthy tones, and complex in its flavor. While the transition from light to heavy in the smoking experience is unique, it can also cause slight chest irritation.   


  • Balanced, potent, and fast acting high
  • Complex smell and flavor
  • Low burnout


  • Muted body effects

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