A brand new strain, GOSH is the end result of taking decades of breeding in both sativas and indicas and smashing them together to create something unique. A cross between God and Silver Haze, GOSH is a potent hybrid that takes the most intense effects of both parent strains, mixing them together to create a new and intense experience. In the world of hybrids, GOSH pulls away from the heard by embracing the differences between sativas and indicas instead of balancing them against each other.


Drawing from both sativas and indicas, GOSH creates a high that is felt equally in the body and mind, and in both areas, is intense and noticeable. At the onset, the high is mellow and low, but quickly builds on itself, snowballing into a dreamy, energetic, and powerful buzz. Within a few minutes of consumption, thoughts become louder, the world warmer, and a mellow, relaxed type of energetic feeling rolls in. Throughout the body, muscles start to relax and everything feels softer and more comfortable. As the experience progresses, the high moves in peaks and valleys, creating a diversity to the high before eventually fading into a lethargic, comfortable burnout that’s remedied by a good sleep.

For medicinal purposes, GOSH can be effective at managing insomnia, chronic pain, and other physical ailments. However, GOSH is a very potent strain and should always be used with caution.  

Taste and Smell

Withy tightly woven buds covered in orange hairs and trichomes competing for space, the dualistic nature of GOSH is apparent from first glance. The aroma of the strain further highlights this contrast with its complex, multi layered fragrance: a pungent, earthy smell mixing together with clean and fresh tones, blending together into something equally skunky, sweet, and spicy.

GOSH further reveals its unique nature while it’s smoked. Different tones, all strong and distinct, compete for attention in the palate while avoiding being muddied together. All at once, it manages to be spicy, earthy, light, and sweet.


  • A distinct and unique hybrid
  • Complex, multi layered aroma and flavor
  • Powerful high that’s unlike any other strain


  • Can be disorienting
  • The potency can be too much to those new to cannabis

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