• Chocolate Chunk
Derived from Afghani indica -- one of the oldest, most historic strains -- Chocolate Chunk is a pure indica with a rich flavor and a comforting, potent high. Bred to be a powerhouse indica, Chocolate Chunk has a high THC content, but doesn’t compromise on flavor or appearance, making this strain stand out for both its high and aromatic qualities.   


After consuming Chocolate Chunk, there’s no mistaking it’s pure indica lineage. The high begins in the mind, lifting the weight of thoughts and emotions, before spreading down through the core of the body and soaking into every muscle and wayward thought. As the high settles in, the sedative effects of the strain can be felt, making the body relax while the mind because muddy with euphoria. This is a perfect strain for unwinding at the end of the day while sitting on the couch and relaxing. The burnout is intense, easing the body into a lazy state while the mind hovers at the edge of sleep.

For medicinal reasons, Chocolate Chunk is effective at managing anxiety and stress, making troubles feel like they’re a world away, while the body effects can help manage chronic pain and nausea. The strong burnout is very effective at combating insomnia.

Taste and Smell

A quick glance at the buds reveals why its called Chocolate Chunk: light, dense buds are dotted with clusters of dark orange, almost brown, hairs, giving it an appearance similar to chocolate chip cookies. The aroma coming off the strains is rich and complex. A pungent, earthy smell defines Chocolate Chunk, but in that dank smell, tones of coffee and chocolate carry through, rounding out the aromatic quality into something distinct and intoxicating.

Smoking Chocolate Chunk is its own little piece of heaven. The smoke is dense and packed with flavor, but is incredibly smooth and easy on the chest. On the inhale, that pungent, earthy taste dominates, but mellows out into sweet, chocolate-like tones on the exhale. The combination of those two elements -- earthy and sweet -- creates a flavor that both highlights the distinct taste of cannabis and adds to it with a sweet, pleasant aftertaste. The only problem with the aromatic quality of Chocolate Chunk is that it is too pleasant, making you want to smoke more even though it is incredibly potent.

  • Rich and complicated flavor and smell
  • Smooth and tasty smoke
  • Intense, dreamy high


  • For those new to cannabis, it can be very strong
  • A heavy, sleep inducing burnout

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