• Grape God
By combining the classic, delicious Grapefruit strain with the all powerful God Bud, Grape God is a potent hybrid with a distinct visual and flavor profile. Pulling elements from the Grapefruit sativa and the heavy indica God Bud, Grape God creates an experience that’s unique, powerful, and sure to leave a lasting impression. Combining a potent high with a beautiful bud structure and a clean smell and taste, Grape God is a well-rounded, expertly crafted strain that’s sure to delight any level of cannabis enthusiast.


Grape God takes its time in providing a distinct, multi-layered high. After consumption, the effects take several minutes to linger in, but once they do, the high lasts for hours, constantly changing states. At first, the buzz creeps in through the mind, giving thoughts and emotions a lighter quality. Shortly after, Grape God starts to weigh down on the body, making muscles relax and erasing minor aches and pains. This duality -- a light mind and a heavy body -- makes Grape God perfect for focusing on something while remaining stationary. Additionally, the brightness of the mental effects makes creative work easier to do. As the high wears out and the burnout settles in, the body remains heavy while the mind becomes peaceful and ready to rest.

For medicinal purposes, Grape God is effective at combating feelings of depression and anxiety, allowing users to focus on the moment and manage thought patterns. This is also an effective strain for managing minor aches and pains.

Taste and Smell

Grape God’s buds are a visual melody of dense, dark coloured leaves, bright orange hairs woven throughout, and a thick coating of pale crystals. The three elements work together to give a rich, dense appearance that stands out from other strains. The aroma is bright and fresh as sweet citrus notes dominate the fragrance, but the earthy, dank tones of God Bud carry through, giving this strain a nuanced aromatic quality.

The smoke is thick and heavy, but filled with the fresh, sweet taste of grapes and citrus. This combination of dense smoke and fresh taste creates an enjoyable smoking experience. The heavy smoke coats the palate while not irritating the chest, allowing all the nuances of Grape God to shine through. Just smoking Grape God is a memorable experience for those well-versed in the difference between cannabis strains. For those new to cannabis, it’s a pleasant, easy experience that’s the perfect prelude to a wonderful high.

  • A potent, beautiful hybrid
  • Sweet and fruity aromatic qualities
  • Long-lasting, multi-layered high


  • Doesn’t commit to the strongest aspects of either indicas or sativas

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