• Jet Fuel
While Jet Fuel is a hybrid, all of its qualities -- taste, appearance, and buzz -- have been bred to create a well-balanced sativa. Pulling from a long line diesel hybrids, Jet Fuel isolates the sativa elements of its parents strains, creating a hybrid that provides sharp focus, energy, and tastes great. Jet Fuel is the perfect strain for sativa-lovers looking for a clean and energetic buzz that’s amazing for starting the day or getting into a creative mood.  


Unlike most sativas, Jet Fuel’s high takes a few minutes before settling in. While not the fastest acting strain, once Jet Fuel starts to release its effects, they quickly build on top of each other, providing an energetic and uplifting buzz. The mental effects begin subtly -- an uplifted mood, an increase of energy -- but soon compound into an intense high marked for its euphoric quality and energetic effects. Creative thoughts come rushing on as the high builds, and the focus to pursue them is apart of the buzz, too. The physical effects are minor, but Jet Fuel navigates around any heavy physical sensations and lethargy, making this a perfect strain for early in the day.

For medicinal purposes, Jet Fuel can help manage anxiety and depression, allowing users to frame the world in a more pleasant way. For physical ailments, Jet Fuel has minor effects on body sensations, making this strain a poor choice for those managing pain, nausea, or any other bodily conditions.

Taste and Smell

With dark green leaves, deep orange hairs that weave throughout, and a coating of pale crystal, Jet Fuel has a dark, almost brown appearance. From its long hairs to the conical structure of the leaves, its diesel lineage is on full display. That diesel lineage carries into the aromatic qualities, giving Jet Fuel a sharp, clean, almost chemical fragrance -- but that’s not a bad thing. To balance out the diesel smell, a subtle hint of the indica side rounds out the fragrance with a touch of earthy, natural tones.

The smoke is light and smooth, but carries a strong odour to it. On the palate, the smoke has little flavor, providing a neutral, pleasant quality, but on the exhale, an earthy tone lingers on the tongue. While the smoking experience is light and neutral, the smell of the smoke is pungent with diesel and cannabis, making Jet Fuel an undiscret strain.   

  • An energetic, well-balanced sativa-hybrid
  • Light smoke and taste
  • Upbeat, creative high


  • Low body effects

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