• Chem Fire
A Canadian favorite created by crossing American classics, Chem Fire is a distinct strain in both appearance and high. A genetic combination of Fire OG, a potent offshoot of OG Kush, and Chem Dawg, a sativa-dominant hybrid descended from the famous diesel strains, Chem Fire finds its unique qualities in a longline of time-tested cannabis strains. In all aspects -- appearance, flavor, and effects -- Chem Fire is intense, memorable, and in a class all of its own. For those new to cannabis, this intensity might be overwhelming, but for long-time users, this strain is sure to win a place in your heart.


Walking on a knife edge between indicas and sativas, Chem Fire pulls from both creating a high that’s euphoric, relaxing, and dream-like. Rushing in with the cerebral happiness sativas are known for, the buzz is fast in creating mental effects, but slow on the physical ones. Several minutes after consumption, a drowsy, mellow feeling washes throughout the body, steeping muscles and joints in comfort. The combination of the upbeat sativa high with the downing effects of indicas give Chem Fire a unique high that feels like a pleasant dream. Additionally, the lowburn out of this strain is great for daytime use.

For medicinal effects, Chem Fire can be effective in managing feelings of depression and anxiety. By allowing users to relax in an euphoric state, this strain can help to reframe emotions well the body relaxes. For physical ailments, the slow building body high can be effective in managing chronic pain and nausea.

Taste and Smell

Chem Fire’s appearance is a strong indication of the quality of this strain: a mix of light and dark greens, smatterings of vivid orange hairs, and almost luminescent trichomes; it’s almost a shame to bust up the buds, breaking up this beautiful combination of colours and shapes. The aroma of this strain equally reveals its quality with deep, earthy tones carried on a pungent base that finishes with sharp, gasoline-like notes that are famous with diesels.

Chem Fire’s complex lineage comes through in its flavor. Reminiscent of strains like UK Cheese, Chem Fire has strong beats of a cheese-like or meaty flavor, but is layered with earthy, skunky tones. This dense flavor is intense during inhale, but on exhale, it quickly diminishes and is replaced with a sharp, sweet flavor punctuated with hints of diesel. Despite its heavy flavor and thick smoke quality, Chem Fire is easy to smoke, causing little irritation, and blends everything together into a smooth, enjoyable smoke.


  • A beautiful, distinct hybrid
  • Pleasant, long lasting high that is equal in body and mind
  • Low burnout


  • The intense flavor may be off putting for those new to cannabis

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