• Hindu Kush
A true classic in every sense of the word, Hindu Kush is one of the oldest strains of cannabis to be cultivated. Gaining its name from the Hindu Kush mountains in Pakistan, this pure indica has helped cement the word “kush” into the vocabulary of cannabis users across the globe. Embodying every quality of indicas -- a deep body high, an earthy flavor,  and comforting mental relaxation -- Hindu Kush is an ideal strain for those wanting a classic cannabis experience.


Building up right away with each toke, Hindu Kush offers a high that’s deep, relaxing, lethargic, and euphoric. Rolling in on waves of contentment, the buzz wraps up the mind in joyful thoughts, slow building realizations, and a warming sense of comfort. In the body, Hindu Kush weighs down muscles, feeling them full of ease but bound in lethargy; in a word: relaxation. This is a time-tested strain meant for unwinding, resting, and getting a good sleep.

For medicinal purposes, Hindu Kush is famous for managing nausea, chronic pain, insomnia, and loss of appetite. However, the intense, foggy, and tiring high it creates can hinder productivity and focus.

Taste and Smell

With a pungent fragrance of earth, sandalwood, and a skunky sweetness, Hindu Kush is rich with the unmistakable scent of cannabis. The buds -- a pale green coated in trichomes and intertwined with short brown hairs -- are beautiful in their quintessential nature; Hindu Kush is exactly what people expect cannabis to look like.

With thick, fragrant smoke, Hindu Kush highlights the best aspects of cannabis flavor: earthy and sweet, skunky but floral. Despite the smoke being heavy and rich with flavor, the entire smoking experience is smooth, paving the way for a mellow, dreamy, and euphoric high.


  • One of the oldest strains out there
  • A pure indica
  • Creates a deep, relaxed, and comforting high


  • A strong burnout
  • Groggy, lethargic high

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