• Dancehall
A sativa-dominant hybrid, Dancehall is well known for it’s uplifting, joyful, and energetic effects, making it a perfect strain for, well, a dancehall. A cross of two obscure strains, Juanita La Lagrimosa and Kalijah, Dancehall is a unique strain with a high a CBD level and a moderate THC level, making its effects distinct and therapeutic. Combining its unique effects with a fragrant aroma and a clean taste, Dancehall is a memorable strain that’s sure to impress every level of cannabis enthusiast. 


Arriving after a couple tokes, Dancehall’s mental effects come on right away. At the onset, its high blows into the mind, pushing away negative thoughts and emotions, making room for a positive outlook. Following close behind, its physical effects run down the body with haste, snuffing minor aches and pains and setting the stage for a comfortable and relaxed body experience. Despite its heavy body effects, Dancehall doesn’t create lethargy, managing to bring pain relief without the grogginess. As its high fades, a mellow burnout provides the encore, leaving thoughts a bit slower, muscles a bit weighed down, but nothing overwhelming.  

Taste and Smell

Another defining trait, Dancehall’s fragrance is a heavy cloud filled with sweet floral and earth notes, giving it a rich and decadent aroma. Its heavy smell is carried on a base of classic cannabis scent, but the sour cannabis notes are muted by a strong, fresh and fruity fragrance. With its noticeable aromatic qualities, Dancehall’s aroma is just one memorable aspect to this great strain. 

Carried on thin, fragrant clouds, Dancehall’s flavour is light, clean, and well-defined. On the inhale, its flavour is floral and earthy, each flavour note easy to identify and noticeable. On exhale, the flavour fades, becoming neutral, but leaves a sugary aftertaste once the smoke clears the mouth. 


  • A strong fragrance filled with floral and sweet notes
  • Fast high that livens thoughts and relieves pains
  • High CBD content


  • A very different type of high that may be unfamiliar to some users

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