• OG Skywalker

OG Skywalker is a potent strain set to take you to another galaxy. It's an indica-dominant hybrid that combines Skywalker with the classic OG Kush. The result is a strain that provides a heady high with strong body effects. Thanks to the OG Kush genetics, the high is familiar but the Skywalker genes provide a strong high that sets it apart from other indica-dominant strains.


OG Skywalker offers a strong high that will wrap-up anyone in it's comforting, relaxing embrace. At first, it feels just like a strong head-high: spacy, euphoric, and relaxing. After a couple of minutes, the body effects kick in and really set this strain apart. The body high has a slow start but lasts for hours. It's a great buzz to kick back and relax with.

OG Skywalker is one of the best strains for medical effects. The combo of the head and body buzz is fantastic for managing pain. Not only does it help to alleviate physical pain, it also helps to brighten mental states. Thanks to great breeding, the strain avoids the dizziness of other indica-dominant strains, making it a choice pick for medicinal uses.

Taste and Smell

The long lineage of OG Skywalker creates a flavor and smell that's both familiar and complicated. OG Skywalker has some Blueberry genetics that lingers in the strain creating a fruity and aromatic smell and taste. The OG Kush adds some earthy, herbal scents and flavor notes. The result is a bud that has a potent, skunky smell and taste, but with a sweet touch of blueberry in each exhale. The smoke is clean, smooth, and enjoyable. While it seems like a regular Kush at first, after spending a couple minutes with this bud it becomes clear there is a lot more going on.


  • A deep, relaxing high
  • Provides both a head and a body high
  • Smells and tastes great
  • Amazing medicinal qualities for those managing pain 


  • Really noticeable dry mouth
  • Low mood elevation
  • The high isn't the clearest, and while it's great for relaxing, it can dampen focus

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