• Black Indica

Black Indica is one of the few strains to last the test of time. It was created in the late 1980s and has been providing an ideal indica experience ever since. Black Indica is close to being a pure indica -- 90% of its genes are indica -- and provides a deep body high that's effective at managing pain. Very few strains have survived the decades as new methods and more freedoms have allowed for better and better strains to be created. The strains that are still popular and decades old -- like Black Indica -- have survived for a reason: they're amazing. 


The high has very strong body effects and low mental effects. While it provides a noticeable buzz, most of the high floats through the body and relaxes tight muscles and loosens worried thoughts. The high is very comfortable and relaxing, making it ideal for letting go of the day's stresses. Black Indica provides a buzz that doesn't last too long, and comes with a heavy burnout. As a result, it's not the best daytime bud, but perfect for an end of the night toke when you're ready to head to bed.

For medicinal purposes, Black Indica is a good choice. The indica genes can provide relief for muscle pain, or other types of chronic pain. The pleasant mental effects and strong body effects can help to manage stress and anxiety levels, while the burn out can combat insomnia. 

Taste and Smell

Unsurprisingly, Black Indica has a dark appearance. During the growing cycle, the purple leaves darken into a shade of black and are covered in bright orange hairs. The smell is skunky, earthy, and subtly sweet. The aroma has a classic indica smell that's sure to twitch the nose of any avid toker.

The smoke has a moderate quality to it: it's not too harsh, but it's not the lightest smoke either. At first inhale, the taste is very pungent and earthy, but on exhale a sweet flavor carries through. Unlike some other strains, the skunky taste of marijuana is very present in Black Indica. For old time smokers, this is exactly what a good bud should taste like..


  • Strong body buzz
  • A classical strain that's time tested
  • Close to a pure indica
  • Great for feeling sleepy an relaxed
  • Strong medicinal properties


  • Short high
  • Low mental effects
  • Sluggish buzz
  • Strong burnout

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