• Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s great for unwinding and relaxing. The origins of Bubba are shrouded in mystery, but it's rumored that the parent strain is the famous Northern Lights. Like Northern Lights, Bubba is a classic indica that packs a punch and casues strong mental and body effects. The bud is dense, light in color, and has a classic skunky smell. Bubba is great for those looking for a strong, classic buzz. 


Bubba packs a classic indica high that’s been balanced out. It creeps in with feelings of euphoria, focus, and makes your body feel relaxed and at ease. The burnout is strong and can make you feel pretty drowsy. It’s a poor choice for a daytime smoke, but an awesome toke for nighttime. Like its supposed parent strain, Northern Lights, this buzz is for those looking to relax and enjoy a night on the couch. However, thanks to some amazing breeding this buzz won’t leave your thoughts muddy and unfocused. Instead, it’s got a sharp edge that keeps you engaged and chill.

This is a great strain for those looking for the benefits of indicas, but don’t like murky head buzzes. It’s great for relaxing muscles, managing pain, and feeling more comfortable overall. For mental effects, it’s amazing for fighting insomnia and anxiety. This bud is relaxation in smoke form, which can greatly aid those suffering from various ailments. 

Taste and Smell

At first glance and smell, Bubba seems like most other Indica strains: a light bud with a strong smell. But unlike other strains, Bubba is a bit more complicated in its flavor and smell profile. While the pungent earthy smell comes through right away, taking a deeper sniff reveals sweet notes of chocolate and coffee.

The smoke is easy on the lungs but is full and flavorful. The subtle smell of chocolate and coffee blossoms out in the smoke. The thick smoke has the signature flavor of a good bud but carries an aftertaste of chocolate and coffee that is rich and delicious. It smokes slowly, making it great to kick back with and enjoy. 


  • Strong indica that's still a clear high
  • Potent
  • Rich smell and taste
  • Great for relaxing


  • Strong burnout
  • Saps Energy

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