• Green Crack

Green Crack is a perfectly bred strain to boost your energy levels and narrow your focus. This sativa-dominant strain is descended from the classic Skunk #1 but is bred to make the sativa the star. Green Crack is a popular strain for veteran smokers thanks to its potency and strong mental effects.  


Green Crack offers a strong high that is felt in the head. The body high is very low, and in some strains, doesn’t exist. Instead the high is cerebral and energetic. This is the perfect daytime buzz that leaves users feeling relaxed, creative, and euphoric. A couple of tokes go a long way. For new time smokers, this can be a bit much and lead to feelings of anxiety.

The medicinal effects of Green Crack can aid with various mental afflictions. Thanks to its energizing qualities, it can help to combat fatigue. The strong feelings of euphoria from the buzz can aid with stress management and relieve depression. Due to its low body effects, Green Crack isn’t very good at relieving physical pain, treating insomnia, or nausea.

Taste and Smell

Like most sativa-dominant strains, Green Crack has a great flavor and taste. Instead of a strong skunky smell, the bud smells very sweet and earthy. There’s a strong citrus smell to it that is similar to grapefruit.

The taste is clean, fruity, and sweet. This is a nice strain to enjoy slowly, as the smoke is thick and potent. Taking small hoots is key to both getting a great high and appreciating the sweet, citrus flavor of this strain. 


  • Great daytime buzz
  • Energetic and cerebral high
  • Strong euphoric feeling
  • Very potent
  • Tasty smell and smoke


  • Very low body high
  • Thick, coarse smoke
  • Can create anxious feelings
  • Not a good strain for new smokers

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