• Green Crack God (GCG)


Our GCG Hybrid is what all hybrids aim to be. GCG is already a well bred hybrid of Green Crack, one of the best sativas, and God Bud, a legendary pure indica. GCG sought to bring the best effects from both worlds, and our growers have completed the task. Our GCG Hybrid is a beautiful bud with shades of purple and covered with fine crystals. The high is designed to relax the body and brighten moods with just a few tokes. If you’re looking for a quality hybrid, then look no further, because our GCG Hybrid is hard to beat.


Buckle up for this one. Our GCG hybrid isn’t for the faint of heart, and new smokers should approach with caution. The dual highs of the sativa and indica parent plants are both strong. The body high washes over as relaxation creeps across every muscle and joint. The mental high is euphoric, clear, and lift anyone’s spirits. The two highs working together creates an intense effect that’s impossible to ignore.

Our GCG Hybrid can be used to help with the treatment of a variety of ailments, both physical and mental. The body high can help to manage low to mid level pain, increase appetite, and aid with sleeping. The mental high can do wonders in helping fight depression, anxiety, and reducing stress while providing an overall sense of well-being. Just be cautious with our GCG Hybrid, as the effects can be very strong.

Taste and Smell

You can smell the B.C. forests this bud was grown in from just a quick whiff. The fragrance has the classic skunk smell of a good indica, but is all mixed up with woody notes that are faintly sweet with pine. It’s both clean smelling and pungent all at once - a mark of a great hybrid.

The smoke is strong with the wooden and pine flavors that dominate this bud. The smoke isn’t too rough, but it isn’t the cleanest smoke out there either. The flavor is very strong, and veteran smokers will appreciate the distinct flavor, but it might seem strange to new smokers. Either way, it is incredibly potent and just a couple of tokes is enough to feel the effects.


  • Intense body and mind buzz
  • Potent
  • Distinct flavor and smell
  • Everything you could want from a hybrid


  • Intense effects might be too much for new smokers

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