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Hawaiian is a nice, mellow sativa that's sure to bring that island feeling to wherever you are. These colorful buds provide a daytime buzz that's relaxing, but not lethargic, and the smoke is light and tasty. This strain originated on the big island of Hawaii, and no matter where you are, this bud brings with it that tropical, fun, Hawaiian feeling. While it's a sativa hybrid, it's really hard to notice any traces of indica in this bud. 


Hawiian is a perfect strain for those curious about the effects of sativas over indicas. The high hits quickly -- just a couple of puffs will do it -- and sticks around for a couple of hours. The buzz is felt mostly in the head with little body effects, but the head high is amazing. Unlike pure sativas, this buzz is more mellow. The head high brings a rush of energy, contentment, and creativity. Sativas can bring out shades of anxiety, but Hawaiian does not. Instead, it loses some of the focus that comes with sativas, but keeps the creative heady high. If you've never dived into the world of sativas, this is a great place to start.  

For medicinal purposes, Hawaiian is fantastic at combating feelings of stress and depression. The cerebral focused high can melt away feelings of anxiety and replace them with a euphoric state. However, the low body effects make this a poor choice for other medical conditions. If you're dealing with chronic pain, insomnia, or nausea, Hawaiian might help, but we offer other strains that offer stronger relief. 

Taste and Smell

Hawiian is a delicious strain that's easy to smoke and brings in flavors from the islands. The vibrant, light green bud is very fragrant with sweet and citrus notes. There's no skunky odour with this strain -- revealing it's sativa side -- and it smells fresh. The smoke is incredibly light and flavorful. Each puff is easy on the lungs and full of flavor. It's full of sweet, citrus, and tropical flavors, perfect for a strain named Hawaiian. Sitting back and enjoying the smoke is sure to make anyone feel like they're on the Hawaiian islands, and it's a lot cheaper than booking a plane ticket. 


  • Sativa dominant hybrid -- it's pretty much a pure sativa 
  • A nice, light strain for those curious about sativas
  • Mellow, cerebral high 
  • Tastes sweet and tropical


  • Low body effects 
  • Doesn't pack as strong of a punch as other sativas 

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