• Ghost OG
Ghost OG is an offshoot of OG Kush and is well-known for providing a mellow, well-balanced buzz. While the exact origins of this strain are unknown, it’s rumored to contain some sativa genes which help to provide a great buzz. Ghost OG creeps in with its effects, but never becomes overpowering, making it a great strain for any occasion.


The name Ghost OG is well deserved. The buzz creeps on, taking several minutes to take effect, and never becomes too much. For being an indica, the high is very well balanced between cerebral and body effects. Ghost OG provides a relaxing experience that brings in a strong sense of contentment. The buzz seeps through the body and releases tension in muscles and joints. Overall, this a great high that’s sure to lift spirits and relax bodies. The burnout is noticeable, but won’t leave you ready for bed.

Ghost OG has strong medicinal properties, and can be used to help alleviate various ailments. Thanks to it’s well-balanced high, it can help with depression, anxiety, stress, and various physical conditions. The body effects can help to manage chronic pain, improve appetite, and combat insomnia. The lowburn out makes it ideal for daytime use and for those that don’t want to feel groggy.

Taste and Smell

The bud is dark green with a fair amount of orange hairs and is covered in crystals. By looking at it, it’s clear that this strain has been bred with love and care. The smell is mellow -- not too strong -- and has strong notes of earth and sugar. At first whiff, it has a classic cannabis smell to it, but it leaves the air quickly with a clean finish.

The smoke is heavy but light in the lungs. The earth tones come through very strong at first, but mellow out into a sweet, pine flavor. The exhale is very light and leaves the mouth feeling clean. It’s a great strain to enjoy the flavor and taste of; it has a classic flavor that never gets overpowering.


  • Well-balanced body and mental high
  • Mellow high
  • Low burnout
  • Flavorful smoke and smell


  • Not too potent

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