Garden of Death, or God, is a mysterious strain coming from Vancouver Island. It’s so mysterious that here at Sweetleaf, we’re not sure what its parent strains are. What we do know, is that Garden of Death is an expertly bred hybrid that is beautiful and amazing. The dark, forest green buds look like nothing else, and the smell is like a bouquet of flowers. For those looking to sink away in a pleasant, otherworldly high, well, Garden of Death is for you.


Both sides of this strain’s sativa and indica lineage are well represented in the buzz. At first, the high hits quickly with a mellow sensation that brightens the world around you. After a few minutes, the body high kicks in and relaxes muscles. The buzz is classic and unique all at the same time. It manages to bring in the best aspects of both lineages -- a hard thing for any strain to do.

For medicinal purposes, Garden of Death can help relieve the symptoms of many ailments. By representing both sativa and indica so well, Garden of Death can help with mental and physical conditions. A small amount can help to relieve stress, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. It can also help to manage pain, nausea, and increase appetite.

Taste and Smell

The bud is a dark, rich green with deep shades of purple streaked throughout. It’s clear this is something different, and the smell only confirms that. Garden of Death has a thick fragrance with strong floral notes. While it does smell skunky, the floral smell is front and center, justifying the name.

The smoke is thick but not that irritating. That rich, floral smell shines in the flavor of the smoke. During the inhale, the skunky taste is more noticeable, but the exhale is a like a bed of roses.


  • Incredibly well-balanced
  • Long lasting buzz
  • Strong medicinal properties
  • Unique appearance, flavor, and smell


  • Strong burnout
  • Can be overwhelming for new smokers

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