• Gorilla Glue
Gorilla Glue is a true masterpiece and a pinnacle of modern growing. This strain has won numerous awards over the last few years, and for good reason. The high THC content and genetic lineage of this strain create an intense high. Not only is it potent, but the high is well balanced and feels familiar, but very strong. This is not recommended for new smokers.


This is a true hybrid with both indica and sativa elements making up the high. It hits fast and hard with strong feelings of euphoria and overwhelming relaxation across the body. This strain is designed to leave you glued to the couch with your mind floating in bliss. The high last for hours, taking its time to peak and continues to build. The eventual burnout is strong. Less experienced smokers might find themselves needing to head to bed.

Gorilla Glue can help to alleviate chronic pain and muscle issues. The deep, intense high causes a strong feeling of relaxation which can do wonders in pain management. Additionally, those suffering from insomnia can find relief in the strong burnout. Because of the potency of this strain, using it for medicinal properties should be done with caution. While it can provide a lot of relief, the intensity of the buzz makes it difficult to do daily activities.

Taste and Smell

The smell is very potent and packs a strong earthy aroma. It smells like classic cannabis, but only stronger. The smoke is thick and rich. Inhaling brings out the skunky and piney side of this strain. Exhaling reveals a subtle taste of coffee or mocha, bringing out a pleasant after taste and rounding out the flavor.


  • An award winning strain that’s worth all the hype
  • High THC content and a well balanced high
  • Sure to leave an impression


  • Very strong burnout
  • Can be too much for new or less experienced smokers: blaze with caution!

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