• Atomic Haze
Atomic Haze is a fantastic sativa-dominant strain that will leave you ready to tackle the day. Being a cross of Haze and Indian Sativa, our breeders have made perfect smoke to the start the day off with. It had a mid level THC content, 18%, and the sativa genes offer a buzz that’s alert, euphoric, and focused. The effects are felt fast but aren’t overwhelming. The flavor is sweet, fruity, and has a hint of spice. This is a good choice for any level of smoker who is looking for a well-balanced sativa.


The buzz can be felt right away, bringing a sense of euphoria and wakefulness. The sativa genes in this strain create a buzz that isn’t overwhelming, but very present. It has the quality of easing thoughts while providing focus. The burnout is very low -- almost non-existent. The wakeful high and low burnout make Atomic Haze an ideal daytime smoke. The mid-level THC content is perfect feeling the effects but not being overwhelmed by them.

Like other modern sativa strains, Atomic Haze has a low CBD content. The focus provided by Atomic Haze can be used to help manage ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, and other mental ailments. For ailments dealing with pain relief, insomnia, or nausea, Atomic Haze is a poor choice.

Taste and Smell

The buds are a beautiful, fresh green with a fair mix of orange hairs. The smell is very low with fresh, fruity notes. The smoke is fairly light, but the exhale can be slightly irritating. The taste is complicated, with the inhale and exhale revealing very different flavors. The inhale is clean and light, tasting like fruit and mint. The exhale is reveals a spicy taste and a thicker feeling to the smoke. Veteran smokers will enjoy the complex flavor while the light smoke is perfect for newbies.


  • Clear, alert, and euphoric high
  • Low burnout
  • Clean smell and taste
  • Can help manage a variety of mental ailments


  • Not very potent
  • Low CBD content

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