• King Tut
King Tut, a.k.a Tutankhamon, is a modern strain that’s hard to get. Luckily, our breeders are hard at work growing this amazing strain. Being a descendent of AK-47, King Tut is a potent sativa dominant. Boasting a high THC content -- 25%-30% -- King Tut hits hard and fast. The high is cerebral, sharp, and great as a daytime smoke. The flowery smell and taste are easy to enjoy, and the effects can be felt after just a couple of hoots.


The high hits right away and comes with a rush of euphoria and energy. It has the effect of making the world feel a bit brighter and lighter. Being a sativa, the high increases alertness and focus. King Tut is a prime example of a good daytime toke: hits fast, raises energy, and provides focus. The burnout is very low and doesn’t bring much drowsiness.

For medicinal purposes, King Tut is a difficult strain to recommend for most ailments. Being a new strain, it hasn’t been as tested as others. It has a very high THC content, but a very low CBD content. For those that are using marijuana for the benefits of CBDs, King Tut isn’t the best option. However, those suffering from ADD/ADHD can find benefits in the sharp, focused high. Just be careful when using King Tut -- it’s potency can make it easy to over medicate.

Taste and Smell

The buds are a vibrant light green, covered in orange hairs, and drenched in crystals. Just from looking at it, you can tell King Tut packs a punch. The smell is light and fresh, with a hint of a skunky, earthy tones. The crisp odour of this strain is a big tell to its sativa heritage.

The smoke is very light and doesn’t irritate the lungs or chest. On inhale, the smoke is very neutral, almost tasteless. But the exhale reveals a rich mix of flavor. At first, it tastes very flowery, fresh and sweet. The following aftertaste mixes things up with skunky and earthy notes, revealing it’s potency. King Tut’s light smoke and mellow flavor make it an ace in the smell and taste department.


  • Clean and light flavor and smell.
  • Very high THC content: 25%-30%
  • Great daytime buzz
  • Fast acting high and low burnout


  • Low CBD content
  • The high potency can make it easy to over medicate
  • Low pain relief
  • Poor choice as a sleeping aid

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