• Burmese Kush
Burmese Kush is a classic strain that will appeal to connoisseurs and those looking for strong medicinal properties. Being a cross of OG Kush and an original Burmese strain, Burmese Kush is a true hybrid. Its genetics are almost a 50/50 split between indica and sativa -- being slightly heavier towards indica. The smell is deep, rich, and complex. The flavor is a reflection of the smell, revealed in thick, aromatic smoke. The high is mellow, but still sociable, and is ideal for an evening smoke while out with friends. Burmese Kush has strong medicinal properties and can be used to help manage various ailments.


Burmese Kush delivers a complicated and multi-leveled high. The THC content various, but is usually around 25% or higher, making this one of the most potent strains available. The hybrid lineage provides a deep, euphoric, and dreamlike experience. After a few minutes, a mellow wave of happiness covers the mind while the body becomes relaxed, easing into comfort. The high is long lasting, its effects lasting for hours, but it comes with a strong burnout. The buzz fades into a feeling of drowsiness, making it a good choice for the end of the day.

Burmese Kush not only has a high THC content, but a high CBD content as well. Because of this, the strain is rich in medicinal properties. The high is ideal for managing stress, chronic pain, depression, and insomnia. For those experiencing chronic, severe pain, the potency of Burmese Kush has the potential to make a real difference. The only downside is that the intense high can lower functionality.

Taste and Smell

Orange hairs are intertwined throughout the crystal soaked, dark green buds. The smell is very fragrant, earthy, and with a trace of berries. The aromatic quality of the strain is rich and sure to fill any room with its distinct -- almost decadent -- fragrance.

The smoke has an amazing quality of being rich, thick, but not very irritating. Very few strains have this quality, reserving Burmese Kush a spot on the top shelf. At first, the smoke is sweet with the flavor of berries and pine. On the exhale, a pungent earthy taste comes through, rounding out the flavor and delivering a pleasant experience. Veteran smokers will appreciate the complex, distinct flavor of Burmese Kush.


  • A true hybrid
  • Complex, rich flavor and smell
  • Provides a deep, multi-leveled high
  • Strong medicinal properties
  • Very potent


  • Strong burnout
  • Might be overwhelming for new smokers

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