Sativa vs. Indica

What Sets Strains Apart?

It might be overwhelming seeing dozens of different options - just what sets all the strains apart? There are three main differences between the strains: the effects of the buzz, the flavor and smell, and the potency. A lot goes into creating and growing strains and each strain provides a unique experience. At Sweet Leaf YYC, we’re proud to offer detailed profiles on all the strains we offer.

Sativa vs. Indica

The biggest point of difference between strains is their leaning towards being a sativa or an indica. Sativa and indica are different genetic lineages of the marijuana plant. While they are the same species, indicas originate from Afghanistan while sativas grow closer to the equator. Because the marijuana plant started to branch off, sativas and indicas have different genetics that affect the high, taste, and potency of marijuana strains.

Indicas are more common and popular. They provide the classic effects of cannabis: relaxation, sedation, and an intense, deep body high. The mental high is cloudy and relaxing, perfect for watching a movie and ending the day. Sativas provide very different effects. The physical high is far less, and the mental effects are much stronger. The high is euphoric, energetic, and great for creativity. They also differ in taste. Indicas tend to have a more pungent smell and carry notes of blueberries and strawberries. Sativas are more earthy and have sweeter, sharper flavor notes like citrus and pine.

For medicinal purposes, indicas are well-known for the physical relief properties. Injuries or conditions that affect muscles, joints, or in pain in general, can be relieved with indica strains and products. Sativas offer little in physical pain relief but can help with mental ailments. Symptoms of depression, fatigue, and anxiety can be alleviated through sativa strains and products. You should always consult with your doctor, as these are very loose guidelines.